About Me

First and foremost, I’m a movie fan.  Have been for all of my life (and I won’t say how long that’s been).

I’m working on the first book in a mystery series, set in present day (mythical) Majestic, California, home to Majestic Studios and some great classic films.

Special Projects Librarian (Ms.) Sydney Blaine is called upon to fact-check a new book out about the murder of Majestic’s top star, Colin Hoskyns, who was murdered on Christmas Eve 1943. Writer Eliot Carpenter thinks he doesn’t need her help. What he doesn’t know (yet) is that Syndey lives in the house where the murder was committed, along with two ghosts:  Dallas Syms, a former Majestic cowboy/stuntman, and Colin himself, who is torn between finally absolving the man everyone thought responsible for his death and keeping up the mystique of being one of the great unsolved Hollywood mysteries.

(And, because many ask, that’s my fuzzy nephew Pippin with me in the picture.)


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